"This One Company is Responsible for the Best Painted Signs Around Town!" - Chicago Magazine

Sign Painting: A Personal Touch To The Office
Alex Perry

Sign painting is the foundation of the sign world, the original form of sign making. At one time in history there was a sign painter on every corner, but starting in the late 1980s computer generated signs such as vinyl plotters and large format printers started competing and replacing the art of sign painting. Today, while the craft of sign painting is alive and well, the number of sign painters in practice is a very small number compared to decades ago.

Sign painters like Ches Perry of Right Way Signs, are rare. Individuals that have decades of experience and have studied and mastered this craft way before there were computers in every household.

Over the last decade sign painting, hand painted signs, hand painted murals and hand lettering have become a part of the office because it add the human touch, it adds character to office space for both workers and clients (and prospective clients). Branded Spaces is a leader in adding that personal touch to your office or interior space. Whether its working with sign painting master like Ches at Right Way, or a talented mural artist to add that pop of color to your space, or even gold leafing the office suite number and company name on your door, Branded Spaces can help you with the design and implementation of these sign types as a part of your new environmental branding package. We have worked with thousands of clients, both large and small, and truly understand how to make a lasting impact within your office space – hand painted signs and murals are a great choice to make that impact.

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Chicago Magazine
“"This One Company is Responsible for the Best Painted Signs Around Town!"”